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A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur

A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur, narrated by Golden Globe Award winner, Brian Cox, is a seven years odyssey with visionary, Arthur Wood as he clings to his life’s work, the Broken Angel building, an icon of the bohemian artist culture that once permeated Brooklyn, NY.


The Fairy Tale is over…


"“I am haunted days after by her clear-eyed, unsentimental but utterly empathic filmic observations on the clash of creativity, capitalism, obsession, free thought, and community in postmodern America. “
We all know how the relentless, monochromatic push of “economic development” can destroy the delicate work of sensitive souls creating art in the margins.
  -    Reel Roy Reviews

Email from actor, Brian Cox - Narrator

"Dear Tyler
I finally got to see ‘ Castle in Brooklynʼ
An absolutely amazing piece of work on your part. Heartbreaking in its portrayal of the decimation of an artist.
I could not believe how Arthur could through the horror that was visited on him and poor Cynthia.
I am very honored and proud that you asked me to narrate it for you. I had no idea how deep the power of your commitment to right the injustice that was visited on Arthur.
Thank you for reasserting the right of an individual to his or hers artistic vision.
Deepest congratulations!
As ever

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