A L'ORAGE Production

A Chase/Cevallos Film

GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Festival Circuit

This film is dedicated to Cynthia Wood and for those who dare to dream.

Music: THE END

by Cody Geil


 A Castle in Brooklyn-King Arthur with Golden Globe Award recipient, Brian Cox as the Narrator is an intimate and journalistic documentary by filmmaker, Tyler A. Chase. A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur, brings us through the doors of the iconic Broken Angel building and into the world of its creators, the visionary, Arthur Wood and his wife, Cynthia as they cling to their life's work, the Broken Angel building, the last symbol of the bohemian artist culture that once permeated Brooklyn, NY.


     The intimate and journalistic documentary, A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur, filmed over a period of seven years brings us through the doors of the iconic Broken Angel building in Brooklyn, N.Y., and into the lives of its creators, the elderly couple, Arthur and Cynthia Wood.


The Woods created the 108 foot Broken Angel objet trouvé building as a sculpture and landmark for the community located in a section of Clinton Hill bordering on Bed Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The Broken Angel building is the subject of local and international news specials; photographed by many. The Woods are loved by their neighbors who see the iconic structure as a beacon of freedom and the threat of its destruction as an omen of the disappearance of a way of life and community.  To many it is a symbol of freedom - to others an opportunity for profit. 


Filmmaker, Tyler A. Chase renders the Woods’ story as one both magical and heart wrenching; following them through triumphs, judicial blunders, injustice, evictions, and comedic moments all the while inspired by the indomitable spirit of visionary artist and creator of the Broken Angel, Arthur Wood.


The uniqueness of this film lies in the diversity of the individuals involved with the Woods, the narrative style in which it’s told; the animation of the evictions and the encapsulation of their anguish into a chilling enactment.

Arthur Wood of the Broken Angel
Windows Created by the Woods
Finding the Truth

The employees of city agencies can decide whether or not your home is dangerous, even if you have experts claiming otherwise. You can be "evacuted" from your home and put on the street.  In the case of the Broken Angel building, a small fire occured and despite it being put out and the elderly couple being allowed back into their home by the fire department, the Department of Housing stepped in and preemptively evicted the Woods stating that the fire made the building dangerous.

1. Roof platform prior to the Fire

2. Roof platform after the Fire

3. Diagram of the placement of the fire and the opposite wall (green) which the DOB insisted was affected by the fire.

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