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A L'ORAGE Production
A Chase/Cevallos Film

GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Distribution

Narrated by Emmy/BAFTA Award Winner, Brian Cox
Director DP Editor - Tyler A. Chase
Producer - Lisette Cevallos, Tyler A. Chase
Legal - Innes Smolanski
Insurance provided by Film Emporium
1:41:14 DCP Available
Subtitles available in French, Spanish and English
DCP or Apple Pro Res HQ

Music: THE END

by Cody Geil


This film is dedicated to Cynthia Wood and for those who dare to dream.

A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur with Emmy/BAFTA Award winner, Brian Cox as the Narrator is an intimate and journalistic documentary by filmmaker, Tyler A. Chase. Filmed over a period of seven years, A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur, brings us through the doors of the iconic Broken Angel building and into the world of its creators, the visionary, Arthur Wood and his wife Cynthia as they cling to their life’s work, the Broken Angel building, the last symbol of the bohemian artist culture that once permeated Brooklyn, NY.
Filmmaker, Tyler A. Chase follows them through triumphs, judicial blunders, injustice, and comedic moments all the while inspired by the indomitable spirit of visionary artist and creator of the Broken Angel, Arthur Wood.


"I am still haunted by Chase's clear-eyed, unsentimental but utterly empathic filmic observations on the clash of creativity, capitalism, obsession, free thought, and community in postmodern America. " Reel Roy Review

Arthur Wood of the Broken Angel

Arthur and Cynthia Wood bought the square brick building that was to become the Broken Angel building, on auction in the 70's and began working on it to become their home. It is located in a section of Clinton Hill bordering on Bed Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. They created the 108 foot Broken Angel objet trouvé building as a sculpture and landmark for the community. The Broken Angel building was the subject of local and international news specials; photographed by many, including Martha Cooper, a celebrated photographer, who allowed us to incorporate some of her photographs of the Broken Angel Building in this work. Arthur's work was featured in Pratt's University's journal of architecture where he was featured as architect and builder of the Broken Angel, a unique title.



In terms of the attacks on the Woods and their building and how it came about; this film deals with preemptive forced eviction, a method that has been used effectively since Hurricane Katrina to move people from their homes with the pretext of "keeping them safe". 


The uniqueness of this film lies in the diversity of the individuals involved with the Woods, the narrative style in which it’s told; the animation of the evictions and the encapsulation of their anguish into a chilling enactment.

Windows Created by the Woods

Individual Music Composed/Performed By Emmy Award winner - Michal Towber, Cody Geil, Shanimal, Mike Mermin,  Phyllis and Richie Naef and Tyler A. Chase

Aerial Drone Footage - L'ORAGE SUAS Drone Services
Animation - Evan D. Normand

Editing Consultant - Craig Parkes
Poster Image - Robert Cadena

Still Images - aka MARIELLE

Additional Photos Provided by: Legendary Photographer Martha Cooper,

Chris Wood, Mark Blackshear, Elizabeth Wood, Dan Dalrymple

TRIVIA:  Arthur won the Pratt University Dean's Bronz Medal and his architectural drawings were exhibited at Pratt University.

Arthur Wood Quotes: NRG Magazine
"Architecture affects your mind Mr. Wood says, whatever box you live in is going to affect how you think and what you do. The smaller the box they make you live in, the more confined your brain is going to be."

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