Filmmakers and Participants

Brian Cox - Narrator

It was a dream come true when Brian Cox accepted to do the Narration of A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur. Brian is an Emmy Award winning Scottish actor. whose career spans many years internationally. He is a recent Golden Globe Award recipient for his role as media mogul, Logan Roy, on HBO's award winning series, Succession.   He also portrayed Lyndon B. Johnson in a new play on Broadway, named The Great Society. His career spans years in both the UK and American cinema and television.
He was awarded Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 2003 Queen's New Year's Honours List for his services to drama.

Dear Tyler,
"I finally got to see ‘ Castle in Brooklyn’ An absolutely amazing piece of work on your part. Heartbreaking in its portrayal of the decimation of an artist.I could not believe how Arthur could through the horror that was visited on him and poor Cynthia.I am very honored and proud that you asked me to narrate it for you. I had no idea how deep the power of your commitment to right the injustice that was visited on Arthur.Thank you for reasserting the right of an individual to his or hers artistic vision.Deepest congratulations! As ever B x
Tyler A. Chase - Director

Tyler is an auteur and filmmaker who founded L’ORAGE while attending New York University film School.

Tyler's first feature documentary, A Castle in Brooklyn - King Arthur with Golden Globe Award winner, Brian Cox, is in the Festival Circuit. The completed Award winning, Sweet Soul in Exile, is Tyler's latest short documentary. In 2013 Tyler completed the short award winning narrative psychological drama, Animal Crackers (Pentimenti). Presently Chase has several film projects in different stages of development and production: Blues for 475 (post-production), Let Them Eat Geese (development/production) and Touched by Duse with Ellen Burstyn, Paul Sorvino, and others is in post-- production/production.  Outtakes from Touched by Duse, were screened as a work in progress at the National Arts Club, The Players Club, Kanbar Instititute of Film & Television at NYU Tish School of the Arts, William Esper Studio and the Dante Alighieri Society in Cambridge. L'ORAGE Productions participated as an NGO and Tyler took part in the United Nations Periodic Review of Human Rights Violations in Housing at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland where footage from her investigative documentary work was screened as testimony.  Tyler spoke on the United Nations panel about preemptive forced eviction and at Columbia University.

Memberships include:  IDA, Film Fatales, D-Word, The National Arts Club, SAG/AFTRA, and Fractured Atlas

(c) photo by aka MARIELLE
Shanimal - Singer/Songwriter

Shannon lived for years down the block from Broken Angel. She was instrumental in planning the Block Party in 2013 that attracted thousands of people to honor Arthur Wood. Shannon wrote and performs the song, Old New York, based on the story of the Broken Angel and so it was natural that she offered it for the film A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur. She has known Arthur Wood and Cynthia for many years and has a personal stake in having this film made. She is an independent American artist with a unique style of singing and her songs respect her southern roots. Her band Shanimal has put out an album, called Rough & Tumble. Shannon tries to make art everyday, "write a song or make pop-up art or do something funny to make someone smile, you know, the good stuff of life." (c) photo by aka MARIELLE

Mike Mermin - Singer/Songwriter

Mike was raised in Georgia. At thirteen he picked up his father’s Sears Silvertone guitar and began playing the songs of his punk rock heroes. He delved into other flavors of music, from blues to country to folk, enriched by the American landscape of his travels. Mike lived for several years in San Francisco, where he released his first two albums, Long Journey and Back to Eden, to critical acclaim. He now resides in the greater New York area and is working on his next recording. Filmmaker, Tyler A. Chase contacted Mike on Facebook after hearing his song, All Fall Down, which mysteriously appeared on her IPOD. Tyler knew it was fate and perfect for the films, A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur and Blues for 475 Kent. Mike is excited that his song will be included in the work.

Gibraltar jazz.jpg
Phyllis Novin and Richie Naef
Gibraltar Jazz
Home Sweet Home Cover

Phyllis and Richie of Gibraltar Jazz are seasoned musicians whose background in music spans many genres, having begun in rock and evolved to rockabilly and jazz. They are both collaborators and friends with filmmaker, Tyler A. Chase having created the music for the award winning short film, Animal Crackers (Pentimenti) 2013. They did the orchestrations and recordings of HOME, SWEET HOME (Music: H.R. Bishop / Lyrics: John Howard Payne - adapted from the 1823 opera, "Clari, Maid of Milan") for the feature film, A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur.  Prior to that they composed and played in theater productions by Chase in her formative years as a director/producer. 

Eddie Wong - Videographer (Endorsement clips)

Eddie Wong is a production assistant and actor who we met through a screening of our film in development, Touched by Duse while he was studying at William Esper Studio. He worked with us more than once on our projects and knows sound equipment. He also is conscientious and adept with a camera. He filmed endorsements of our project and other candid interviews regarding our film. Eddie is entirely focused on his work and he has our backs with our projects.

(c) photo by aka MARIELLE
Lisette Cevallos - Producer/V.P

Lisette Cevallos (Producer, V.P. of L’ORAGE), a graduate of the NYU Film Program, collaborates as producer, administrator and budget/accounting and consultant in the development of the films produced at L’ORAGE Productions. She is also a union actress with a background in theatre performance and an award winning visual artist. She is a producer of the completed feature documentary film, A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur with Golden Globe Award winner, Brian Cox as Narrator (presently in the festival circuit), the completed, award winning short documentary, Sweet Soul in Exile, the completed award winning short narrative film, Animal Crackers (Pentimenti),

Cevallos has projects in different stages of development. They are: Blues for 475 (in post production), Let Them Eat Geese (development/production) and Touched by Duse (post production/production). Lisette participated on a panel at the National Arts Club that included Paul Sorvino, Mario Fratti, William Esper, Helen Sheehy and Tyler A. Chase where there was a special event and screening of footage of Touched by Duse.


Cody Geil - Composer/Musician
also much of the background score

We are excited to have Cody's music in our film and she also contributed to the trailer.  Cody Geil studied Suzuki violin when she was three and piano at six. In 2000 she went, on scholarship, to Berklee College of Music in Boston. Her experience in the international music scene is strong: touring Europe and The United Arab Emirates with her electric string band Eden, touring China with bluegrass group East River Ensemble, and recently with indie-rock band Freak Owls in both the states and Europe.

Cody played with Kanye West, Christina Aguilera and also Nelson Mandela's Birthday concert. Performances include New York’s Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Late Show with Dave Letterman, and MTV. Cody sings and leads a jazz group, Bon Musique, playing events for Martha Stewart and Vera Wang and recently at the NY Public Library's centennial event. She will be playing at President Obama's inauguration ceremony.

She has been involved in many L’ORAGE Productions independent feature films from their development, including Touched by Duse, and Blues for 475 Kent.

Michal 2 by Lee Matney_edited.jpg
Michal Towber - Singer/Songwriter

Emmy-winner, Michal Towber has performed internationally. Her music has been featured in Television and Film, including HBO and Lifetime movies, Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, Pepsi, Sonos and Canon Camera commercials, and the Warren Miller extreme skiing movie, Like There’s No Tomorrow. In 2005 Michal won an Emmy for her work on One Life to Live. Her albums include Sky With Stars (2000) (distributed by Columbia/SONY and co-produced by Michal and Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum), Coma (2002) (a editor’s pick), Desireless (2005), Lifesblood (2010), and MagiCat: Up the Rabbit Hole (2011) (a collaboration with Dave Liang of the Shanghai Restoration Project and Sean Han of Blip Blip Bleep, a top 20 song and album on iTunes Electronic Japan). Her latest album is One Immortal Day, featuring the song Vampire, a collection of songs exploring our fear of and fascination with death.

“Michal’s ethnic background adds to her unique appeal. Her songs display her talented voice and her acoustic guitar skills.” Latin Girl Magazine.

“Singer Michal…is on the verge of stardom.”   -Cosmo Girl Magazine.

Sounds like: a more eloquent Fiona Apple, with a stronger voice...she hits her stride when she makes melancholic sound majestic...Michal may have been weaned on Chopin, but she was saved by rock 'n' roll.”

Seventeen Magazine





Evan D. Normand
2D Animator

Evan D. Normand is an American 2D animator who studied animation at Austin Community College. After graduating with scholastic excellence in 2016, he has since worked on a large variety of freelance projects from clients across the world. Evan was able to create accurate and beautiful animation for our movie, A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur, depicting events that were crucial. We look forward to working with him again!

Julie Praetzel - Second Camera/Sound
Night Scene with Telescope
and UN UPR Event

Julie studied Women’s Film for Social Change, graduating with a B.A., Magna cum Laude from Hunter College. In 2010, Praetzel received CUNY BA’s first Doroshow Travel and Research Grant, an award established by a CUNY BA alumnus and worked on a documentary to focus on artist, Juanita Guccione
She was our sound person on a very difficult all night shoot on the roof of Broken Angel building. She also was our videographer at the Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights Violations event at Columbia University on the day of a major snowstorm. Julie is extremely dependable and worked extremely well under pressure.

Krista Blomberg
Narration Text - Consultant

Krista has a strong New York Theater background having worked with LAByrinth and studying acting with Susan Batson. She helped write and worked with Director, Tyler A. Chase on the award winning short film, Animal Crackers - Pentimenti, delivering an outstanding performance as the main character, Sylvie.  She lent her skills to help flesh out the Narration text for actor, Brian Cox to read in A Castle in Brooklyn.

Theresa Galvin - Grant Consultant
(c) photo by aka MARIELLE

Theresa A. Galvin (MS, RDN, CD-N) served as Grant Writing Consultant on both Blues for 475  and A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur  for L’ORAGE Productions, a considerable departure from her three decades as a devoted HIV/AIDS Clinician.  Her interest in both projects came naturally, borne of her long history and passion for advocacy and activism around human, civil and animal rights. She was particularly moved by director, Tyler A. Chase's vision on both of these films, re-igniting her passion to expand outside the realm of HIV. 
Theresa holds her M.S. from New York University, is a published author and celebrated lecturer in her area of expertise: Nutrition and HIV- and received national recognition for her work by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics in 2014.  She has done grant writing and management for over 15 years and only recently transferred this skill in to the world of film making.   

Page Walker - Graphic Designer
(c) photo by aka MARIELLE

Based in Atlanta, Elizabeth Page Walker met Tyler A. Chase at the Cannes Film Festival. Since then, Tyler has had Page participate on several projects as a Graphics person for posters. She will be working on the editing of teasers for the fund raising aspects of three of the movies. She is excited to be part of the L'ORAGE team.  Originally from the deep south of Georgia. “Page” , is a filmmaker, photographer,  and artist.  She graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Georgia. Her major was Mass Media Arts with an emphasis in Video Production and her minor was Chinese Language and Culture.

Page debuted her first short film, “Remnants” in a college classroom.  Page made several other short films for Campus Movie Festival, including, “Maddy” and “Eavesdropped”, in which she did Cinematography. She completed a Production Assistant Intern in Shanghai, China with a film company named, Bright Shadow Films.
After her graduation, Page spent over a year studying and teaching English in Mainland China.  She is certified Internationally to teach English



Thanks to our Archival Footage Donors

Max and the City - the Sky is the Limit Program

Max and the City footage courtesy of  Max Westerman and RTL Netherlands


Beautiful Obsessions (cable TV special) - footage featuring the Broken Angel building in Brooklyn, NY.  1980's



Footage of Arthur and Cynthia Wood dancing on top floor of Broken Angel

courtesy of Christopher Wood.



Thanks to Photography Donors

Martha Cooper
photo coming soon
Renowned  photographer Martha Cooper photographed the Broken Angel building for an article with writer, Maggie Wrigley some years ago.  She was the first female photographer at the New York Post. She is best known for documenting the Graffiti scene in New York in the 1970's and is a world renowned photojournalist. Her work has appeared in National Geographic, Smithsonian and Nathural History magazines as well as several dozen books and journals. Her work can be found in galleries around the country.  She is the Director of Photography at City Lore.  Learn more about her on TED

Robert Cadena

Poster Image of Arthur Wood

Born in Bogota, Colombia, South America.

Raised in Washington State.

Dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player while growing up.

Played bass guitar in punk rock bands in my youth. Touring around the NW in an old Dodge Econoline van, listening to KISS on 8 track and sleeping on dirty couches.

Graduated with a B.A. in History from Gonzaga University.

Lived in Italy and backpacked extensively throughout Europe and parts of Central and South America and Asia.

Have lived in the NYC area for 15 years.

Mark Blackshear
Mark Blackshear contributed his photography from an article he did with writer, Sarah Almond some years ago. He was a personal friend of the Woods and a frequent guest to their Broken Angel building. In addition to the many publications that his work has appeared in Mark has exhibited at The Brooklyn Academy of Music, The African American Museum in Philadelphia,  40 Acres Art Gallery, Chastain City Gallery in Atlanta, Leica Gallery, Manhattan, and The Rotunda Gallery
Movie Stills
While at NYU as a film major she began photography with an old (1972) Nikon 35mm film camera and kit that a photographer friend gave her and later evolved to digital technology.  She is the director of photography on indie movies currently in post production, and is listed on IMDB for the still photography of various documentary films as well as for movie posters. Some of her work has been exhibited at the National Arts Club online exhibition.  Two of her works, Where She Was and Where She Was 2, were part of the ArtSplash 2015 exhibition. Where She Was, was sold to a private collector. Her photographs have been published in media like and others.  She specializes in art photography as well as nature to portraiture. MARIELLE does stills for movies and sessions with musicians, sculptors and interesting people who want to make a statement.

Thank you to the Woods for Sharing Their Lives with Us.

Cynthia (Cindy) Wood - as Herself
also Contributing Artist in Enactment
Arthur Wood - as Himself
also Photographs/Clips/Enactment
Chris Wood - as Himself
also Photographs of Broken Angel past and footage of his parents dancing
Elizabeth Wood Ramirez - as Herself
and Collage Art for Poster Image




D.J. FLY TY as Himself








Genevieve Maul as Herself






CODY GEIL as Herself

Director Tyler A. Chase as Herself