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The Trailer of A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur. It includes a BACH violin solo by Composer/Musician, Cody Geil.  Turn off the music on this website if necessary to see the trailer.

Photographs and Stills

​These photographs and stills are licensed and/or owned. They are protected under copyright and intellectual property law.

(Movie Still) DJ Fly Ty
Animation Still (c) L'ORAGE Ltd
Movie Still - ACIB
Auteur, Tyler A. Chase filming
Postcard - A Castle in Brooklyn
(MOVIE STILL) Arthur Wood
Human Rights Award Winner Speaks
(MOVIE STILL) Broken Angel building
Broken Angel before the Woods
Arthur Wood in the Army
Painting by Arthur Wood
Frieda by Arthur Wood
The Door to Broken Angel
Wood Family
King Arthur of Broken Angel
Cynthia and Arthur Wood
Arthur on Platform of Broken Angel
The Airplane Room
Arches of Broken Angel
Windows in Top
Broken Angel Front Top
The Train Stove
Windows of Broken Angel
Broken Angel before Fire
(MOVIE STILL) Animation of Arrest
Fire at Broken Angel
Just wanted to be left alone
Arthur Lost in Broken Angel
Block Party Girl
Cynthia and Jack
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