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Thank you so much for donating to the completion of our work.
Your support and contributions are so appreciated. These are some of our supporters to date.

UP to $100

Libby Edwards

Margaret Flanagan
Gail Gregory

Joan Hall

Rebecca Hoodwin

​​Darlene Wilson

$100 and OVER

Joanie Battaglia

Deni Bonet

Marika Bournaki AND Julian Schwartz

Charles Cabana

Nicole Cox

Catherine Familia

Abigail Hawk

Brenda Kravitz

Phyllis and Richie Naef

Michael and Robin Rubenstein

Neal Rubenstein

Julian Schwarz

Carol Tesoriero

Elizabeth Page Walker

$200 and OVER

Carlo Alacchi

Mark Arisohn

Mary Ellen Cook

David Freiman

Louis Gottlieb
Margaret Mary Davison

Richard Joffe
James Johnson

Derek Nathaniel
Jonathan Plasse

Katherine Ryan

Carol Vilegas


​$500 and OVER

Paul and Cynthia Cabana

Natalie Zaidan

Jeremy Hu

$1000 and OVER

Marya Coburn

Basia Zaidan



Donations made through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas.are TAX deductible. They are acknowledged by email and a thank you on our movie website. You also receive notifications about upcoming screenings.


If you would like to donate so that we can find distributon, attend festivals, publicize our film and make DCP's so that it can be screened in theaters and support our efforts to gain worldwide distribution, that would be awesome! Your name would be on our Thank you wall and you would be one of our great supporters. Let us know through our contact page if you do decide to donate.



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